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DCOA to award members and individuals who contributed to Dominica’s seniors

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DCOA to award members and individuals who contributed to Dominica’s seniors

President of the DCOA being awarded by 1st VP Nigel Lawrence at their recently held AGM Later this week, several members and individuals who contributed positively to the advancement of senior citizens on the island, will be awarded at the Dominica Council on Ageing (DCOA) Member appreciation extravaganza.

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Speaking to Dominica News Online, President of the DCOA Ophelia Olivaccé Marie stated, “this is our way of saying thank you to everyone who has been busy with the DCOA, busy with the community, and busy helping older persons.”

She stressed that seldom are people appreciated for the work they are doing for older people on island, hence the DCOA decided to take on this initiative during the month of the elderly and hopes it will become an annual event.

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“You may not reach a national level to receive an award because not everybody can reach there, but we on our lower basis can tell you that you are appreciated and we are grateful for what you have been able to do,” Marie said.

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According to the DCOA president, the event which will also include a dinner following the award ceremony will kick off at 4:30 pm. However everyone is asked to be seated by 4:15 pm as the activity will be held under the auspices of the president of Dominica, who is also the patron of the DCOA.

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Anyone wishing to attend the event, which will be held at the Goodwill Parish Hall, will also be required to make a $50.00 contribution