Abdulah calls on Biden to end Cuban blockade

“To date, just over 1,800 peo­ple have died from COVID in a coun­try with a pop­u­la­tion of over 11 mil­lion,” Ab­du­lah said

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Move­ment for So­cial Jus­tice leader and vet­er­an trade union­ist David Ab­du­lah has added his voice to calls to the Unit­ed States from re­gion­al lead­ers to end the eco­nom­ic block­ade against Cu­ba.

Speak­ing yes­ter­day, Ab­du­lah said on­ly two coun­tries of the world were in favour of the block­ade – the Unit­ed States and Is­rael.

“On June 23, the Unit­ed Na­tions Gen­er­al As­sem­bly vot­ed for the 29th con­sec­u­tive year that the US should end the block­ade. On­ly two coun­tries – the Unit­ed States and, not sur­pris­ing­ly, Is­rael, vot­ed for the block­ade to re­main in force. One hun­dred and eighty-four coun­tries sup­port­ed Cu­ba’s res­o­lu­tion that called for the US to end the block­ade.

“Votes have been very sim­i­lar in the pre­vi­ous years at the UN. The US stands in iso­la­tion in the face of this over­whelm­ing world opin­ion against it,” Ab­du­lah said.

Is­su­ing a mes­sage to US pres­i­dent Joe Biden, Ab­du­lah said, “Mr Biden – end the block­ade against Cu­ba now! Take your knee off the neck of the Cuban peo­ple! They can­not breathe be­cause of the block­ade!

“Peo­ple are hun­gry and with­out med­i­cines in this time of a pan­dem­ic be­cause Cu­ba can’t ac­cess goods with the block­ade in ef­fect. Mr Biden, you are on the wrong side of his­to­ry. You claim to be about hu­man­i­ty, yet your ac­tions are in de­fi­ance and not in de­fence of hu­man­i­ty.”

He added, “You need to demon­strate lead­er­ship, Mr Biden, and do what is in your pow­er to do – re­verse all the Ex­ec­u­tive Or­ders, in­clud­ing the one that uni­lat­er­al­ly and with­out a shred of ev­i­dence list­ed Cu­ba as a coun­try that is in­volved in state-spon­sored ter­ror­ism. That is our min­i­mum de­mand. You should, of course, col­lab­o­rate with your De­mo­c­ra­t­ic col­leagues in Con­gress to end the block­ade once and for all by re­peal­ing the odi­ous and il­le­git­i­mate and il­le­gal Helms-Bur­ton Act and the oth­er laws that have re­sult­ed in the blockad­ing of Cu­ba.”

Ab­du­lah said the MSJ stands in sol­i­dar­i­ty with Cu­ba.

“In the face of all the dif­fi­cul­ties that Cu­ba is ex­pe­ri­enc­ing, it is able to demon­strate its hu­man­i­ty in ways that oth­er, rich coun­tries are not. Cu­ba is as­sist­ing many coun­tries with med­ical pro­fes­sion­als to sup­port health care and the treat­ment of COVID pa­tients. Oth­er coun­tries are hoard­ing vac­cines. Cu­ba has been able to de­vel­op sev­er­al vac­cines and has com­mit­ted to mak­ing vac­cines avail­able to coun­tries that have lit­tle or no ac­cess,” he said.

He not­ed that Cu­ba is al­so man­ag­ing the COVID-19 pan­dem­ic bet­ter than most.

“To date, just over 1,800 peo­ple have died from COVID in a coun­try with a pop­u­la­tion of over 11 mil­lion,” Ab­du­lah said.