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$39.7 Million Earmarked For Technical Cooperation Facility

Victor Gill
$39.7 Million Earmarked For Technical Cooperation Facility

A $39.7-million provision has been earmarked to continue the Technical Cooperation Facility VI (TCF VI) Project’s implementation during the new fiscal year.

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The sum is contained in the 2021/22 Estimates of Expenditure, which were tabled in the House of Representatives on February 18.

Victor Gill

The project, which is spearheaded by the Planning Institute of Jamaica (PIOJ), aims to identify and implement relevant, sustainable, visible and measurable programmes supported under European Development Fund (EDF) and European Union (EU) budget lines

Additionally, it is intended to strengthen line ministries’ capacities in the areas of management, planning coordination and monitoring of EDF programmes

Achievements under the project, between the commencement in November 2016 and up to December 2020, include the signing of four contracts to procure computer hardware and software to support the PIOJ’s efforts to effectively implement the Government of Jamaica (GOJ)-EU Cooperation Programme; and training in project management, monitoring and evaluation for entities involved in managing EU-funded programmes

Among the activities scheduled for 2021/22 are the engagement of a consultant to evaluate visibility activities conducted to improve EU-funded programme awareness, and preparation of the final report on training executed to build trade capacity within the Foreign Trade Division of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade

The project, which is slated to conclude in November 2021, is being financed by the EU