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Chechen TV Claims Europe Created Lifelike Kadyrov Mask for ‘Provocation’ Plot

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Chechen TV Claims Europe Created Lifelike Kadyrov Mask for ‘Provocation’ Plot

In an alleged plot that sounds like something out of a James Bond film, Chechen state television has put forward the theory that Europe is planning a “provocation” against the Russian region’s leader by impersonating him with a hyper-lifelike mask.

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In a tweet posted Tuesday, the state-run Grozny television channel posted a short black-and-white video showing a 360-degree view of the mask, which is nearly identical to Kadyrov’s face.

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⚡️В сети интернет на разных пабликах распространяется информация о том, что в западных странах готовится провокация с использованием маски Рамзана Кадырова. pic.twitter.com/MSTCsLtdHO

— ЧГТРК «Грозный» (@TVGrozny) September 15, 2020 Grozny TV obtained the information from the anonymous Chechnya-focused  eldit_net Instagram page, where the alleged plot was first reported. 

The operation, codenamed “Twin,” is reportedly at the final stage of preparation and the alleged provocateurs are currently searching for a candidate to play Kadyrov’s role, eldit_net said, without citing any sources

No further details on the operation’s goals or its perpetrators have been reported. 

Earlier this year, critics accused Kadyrov of perpetrating a string of killings of Chechen critics of his rule on European soil. He has dismissed the allegations, saying foreign intelligence agencies were responsible