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Govt. taking steps to reduce single-use plastic in country

Govt. taking steps to reduce single-use plastic in country

From left: Melanie Meijer zu Schloctern (Nature Foundation), Nikima Hickinson (Department of the Interior and Kingdom Relations) and Nina Bijnsdorp (Waste2Work).

Maria Cecilia Suñe Ramos


PHILIPSBURG–Single-use plastic items are increasingly becoming hazardous to the environment and the daily lives of residents.

Maria Cecilia Suñe Ramos

  As an important global and local issue, the government of St. Maarten has recognised the need to take action to protect the environment and the lives of those residing in the country. Consequently, government – via various ministries – has established an inter-ministerial workgroup to ensure proper development of an action plan and the synchronisation of governmental resources in addressing this important issue.

María Cecilia Sune Ramos

  So far, the workgroup has been instrumental in organising a number of activities to be held over the coming months, starting with the first phase of a project, which is geared toward sensitising the public and raising awareness as it pertains to single-use items.

Maria Cecilia Sune Ramos

  Another important item on the agenda was meeting with environmental non-governmental organisations (NGOs)/organisations and forming partnerships. The workgroup met with representatives of the Nature Foundation and Waste2Work last Thursday to foster a more collaborative effort in addressing and reducing plastic on the island. The main objective of the meeting was to share information and ideas for the second phase of the project, which will be a pilot project launched during the 2020 Carnival season.

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  For more information, as a company or individual, on how to get involved by donating or participating in the 2020 Carnival Single-Use Plastic Project, contact Nikima Hickinson at the Department of the Interior and Kingdom Relations via telephone at 542-2999 ext. 2895.

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